You’re Not Alone

God Will Take Your Place, Just Give Him Space

When problems rush in like a flood and things don’t go exactly the way you’ve planned,  “Plan to trust God”.     God’s  heart is big enough to love you through the storm.  His hands are large enough to carry you throughout the storm; and  He’s wise enough to solve any problem that you have.    Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1 NIV   

There is someone who will take my place, at times when my life is difficult to face.    The Lord shows up and lifts me ever so high; He absorbs the tears from my weeping eyes.   When I’m feeling sad, lonely, and misplaced; He soaks in my misery and unleashes joyful space. 

When God Comes Into My Space And Announces That I Am Free, My Troubles Bow To His Voice And They Must Flee !    Hallelujah !           Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil 

I wonder what God does with all of my pain…  because I know He feels every one of my strains.      I wonder how He can handle it all …  How He doesn’t stumble, crumble or fall.      When I don’t know what to say, think or do, He bears my burdens,  showing His concern for me is true.

He prevails over the darkness that covers me, standing before my troubles to make me free.     I’m rescued and the timing is always right, my Lord fills in for me and gives me His might.      He has all of the answers to the questions I raise, and He knows all about my past, present, and future days.     The Lord takes my place so that I might endure; He’s my proxy in times that I can’t take any more.

The Lord has taken my place at a priceless cost: I remember he died so that I might not be lost.      I’m more than fortunate to have a God so strong and wise, who takes care of my every need no matter the size.       There is someone who will take my place, at times when my life is difficult to face.    

Darlene Wiggins