I’ve Come Too Far

Sometimes I Want To Give Up,  But

Photo Courtesy: Peter Griffin

Difficult moments will enter your days every now and again, and at times, you may feel overwhelmed.    You may possibly become entangled in your problems and develop a distorted view of where your life is in God’s plan.    Negative thoughts and actions may lead you on a journey away from a solution for your circumstances.  In times like these, it’s vital to keep your focus on God’s promise:  Philippians 4:19  and my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of  His glory in Christ Jesus.    Don’t give up on God’s precious plan for your days.  In every situation, press on and give God honor and praise.  He has a remedy for your problem.  John 8:36  So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Sometimes I want to hang my head really low; sometimes I want to stop and not go.    Sometimes I don’t even want my mind to think; sometimes I am at the breaking brink.    Sometimes my situation – I don’t want to discuss; sometimes it’s even hard to trust.     Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed to rise; sometimes I feel I have reached my last try.    

Sometimes my mind doesn’t fall asleep; sometimes I have many tears to weep.    But, from somewhere in my soul deep inside, a voice of encouragement gives rise.      The Lord has a plan for my time; He made me with a purpose in mind.     My body and my mind may get tired and weak, and sometimes my days appear to be bleak.     Sometimes I want to cave in, it’s true; but I can’t because God has something for me to do.

My days and nights are sometimes blistery cold: and its triple dark sometimes, let the truth be told.     Disappointment and uncertainly sometimes visit me, and sometimes I don’t know how to break free.      Sometimes life is just difficult to bear, plus it is an uncomfortable tight fitting wear.      I can’t give up on me: I must continue on because there is a reason for me being born.

I thank God who delivers me from strain again and again; sometimes I want to give up, but if I do I won’t win.      I keep on going and pressing through the grind; and I thank God everyday for keeping me in a stable mind.      I continue moving toward the next day for me; and I expect the Lord to set me free.      I can’t give up: it’s not an option in my time because the way for my days have already been assigned.      My days have victory written in them from cover to cover; I can’t give up because there is much for me to discover.

 Darlene Wiggins