A Blessing Downpour

It May As Well Be Me

Be Happy And Expect  The Blessings That God Has For You.    Run Toward Your Blessings And See What God Can Do.   Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

Remember me Lord when you pass out blessings each day;

Remember me Lord is what I pray.     

It may as well be me in the midst of  the Lord’s blessing pour; 

My soul is excited about what God has in store. 


There is a special blessing in heaven’s hand,

On its way to invade the land.

Nothing can stop its arrival soon;

It may be morning, night, or noon.

 It’s coming in with a champion’s might;

Spreading a most brilliant light.


Heaven has something great to publicize;

And it is in an extremely large size.

The aim that heaven has in store:

Is to release treasures in a massive pour.

Blessings for the sick: healed from poor health;

Blessings transform poverty into prosperity and wealth.

Blessings for the hurting:  receive a remedy;

And all of the people will give praise to thee.

Blessings for the brokenhearted:  recover whole;

And restoration fresh will revive a soul.

It may as well be me when the Lord comes by;

My Lord please include me in this move on high.


Darlene Wiggins