It’s Worth Looking For

Dreams Are Worth The Chase

Photo Courtesy: Jiri Hodan

I wonder what’s on the other side of my dreams, the details that are hidden from me. What’s over there that the Lord says is mine ? Where are the treasures that are a part of my time ?     I wonder what it looks like where my dreams come true…  How do they look from God’s point of view …     I’m like a child in my dream-world so grand; I appauld my dreams, giving them a grand stand.     Oh Lord, I long to live inside my dreams that came from you; I what to experience what my dreams lead me to do;
Dreams are made for me to pursue and chase, and I’m going to engage myself  inside of my dream-race .     Where are my dreams and how will they find me soon …  I look for them morning, night and noon.    God made me His triumphant creation, I’m leaping over my troubles to get to my dream destination.     I’m peeling off  old stuff that weigh me down, I’m determined to live free and not be bound.     I’m going to trust God when I have doubt and feel fear: my mind is made up, I’ll touch the treasures that are near.
My journey is for me and I’ll live it with enthusiasm and drive; and each day I’ll thank God for being alive.   I’m going to praise God for guiding me and staying by my side; through sunshine and rain, I look forward to a glorious ride.      I’m going to move forward with strength and God’s love; I’ll work and wait  for God’s guidance from above.      I won’t get weary and give up on what God has for me; and I expect to live inside of my divine destiny.
                                                                       Darlene Wiggins