Dream: Expect More

God-given Dreams Are Attached To Your Future

Ready or Not, Your Future Will Arrive

 Psalm 139:14   I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  your works are wonderful,  I know that full well.
Do you know your worth?    Your life is valuable beyond measure.  Everyday you are growing into riches untold.   You have many treasures stored inside and they are waiting for the moment to be released. 

Make room for your date to bloom.   God has a blooming date for your dreams: Just be patient, pray, expect, work, and wait.  Photo Courtesy: Jiri Hodan – PublicDomainPictures.net

It is sweet this early morning hour; the Lord God Almighty has all power.    His voice is strong, soft, and clear; it’s within me, His presence is near.     God loves to speak to me and you, telling of the wonderful things we’re created to do.  
Truth: You are the only one that can live your life.
See yourself through God’s eyes: allow God to expand your sight, so that you’ll reach extraordinary heights.    The things that God has prepared for you to see and do are specifically made for you.    Be excited about your life and what God has for you; don’t measure yourself  by what others can do.    Be confident in what your life offers in the land, and your legacy in God is where you must focus and stand.    Pray constantly in your heart and soul, and in your destiny, take control.    Be obedient to God at a quick rate, and decide to meet God’s blessing dates.    Yield to God: be true, and highlight what your life must do.    Be hungry for the things that God has for you: thirst after more; and declare your God-given open doors.     
Be determined to reach your dreams: they are in God’s hands, claim your birthright in God’s plan.    In God, always trust, and let your faith give you a thrust.    Seek God’s treasures for your life: He makes treasure deposits in places for you to find them; the key is to be guided by Him.    God knows where your treasures are buried and how they shall unfold day to day; let your heart be eager to hear what God has to say.    Let God be the pilot that steers your life on a facinating quest; God is always ready to show you His divine-best.
Let God-given dreams and visions motivate you to live as God has designed.    When God gives a dream, it is like pure gold; chreish God-given gifts and talents, they are worthy to behold.    God-given dreams are something that you want to take hold of in your lifetime; surely, if you do… the journey will amaze your mind.    Be encouraged in every circumstance; in each situation find a way to be enhanced.     Become aware of people in your sphere; keep some far and keep some near.    As it pertains to you and your space: be cautious of what you speak about when you articulate your destined route.    Be mindful of the thoughts you entertain, and let your mind be occupied by increase and gain.   Be swift to turn away from paralyzing doubt and uncertainty; and live fastened to what God says shall be.   
This is not a time to relax and unwind: this is a moment to aggressively focus on your future time.    This moment has been waiting for you to arrive;  fight for your God-given treasures so that your dreams will survive.
                                                             Darlene Wiggins