Beauty I Can See

It’s Me Lord 

Dear God,

I am very thankful today ~ Hear the words my heart has to say

You spoke my life to be here ~ And I’m so grateful you’re always near

You are  wonderful to me ~ You are beauty that my soul can see

You take care of me all the time ~ I’m grateful you have me on your mind

 You made a plan for my life to wear ~ You said, whatever comes my way, you can bear

You shield me inside every storm ~ And you keep me wrapped within your arms

Oh what a brilliant place to be ~ In the presence of God Almighty

I wish I could express all the joy you bring ~ All of my heart dances and sings 

I Worship You Almighty King  ~   Photo Courtesy: Bobby Mikul

If I could fly I would soar really high  ~   I would take flight to the deepest sky

My soul would find your face and I would bow ~  I would welcome you with a big smile

 You are lovely to me and all should see ~ Your love and kindness capacity

You’re Almighty, Supreme, All-Powerful and King ~ You are amazing

 If I shout to the north, south, east, and west ~ I could not express your awesomeness

You are too marvelous to describe ~ And too enormous to hide

You are inside every moment that comes by my way ~ You have ownership of every day

You are a blessing to everything ~ You are more than I can imagine

You make my spirit ring and chime ~  And my soul begins to unwind

Your beauty strums my whole heart ~ I never want us to be apart

 And here we are in a divine weave ~  Far more than my soul could dream or believe

I just have a desire to tell you how I feel ~ Dear God, to me, you are incredible and real

Darlene Wiggins