Today’s Pain – Tomorrow’s Gain

Treasures Are Hidden Inside Life-Storms

Photo Courtesy: Anna Langova

God Gift Wrapped Your Future – Unwrap It

Romans 8:28  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Life’s difficulties are not always easy to manage.   It requires endurance to get to the other side of problems.   Sometimes life’s ups and downs can place stress on your mind, body, and soul in a major way.   It’s not always easy to maintain a sense of balance and stability.   Sometimes you unravel.  It happens.   Life seems to have a way of demanding  more from you than you have to give.   Even so, It seems as if life’s problems have a way of stretching you into the height necessary for your future days.

It’s amazing; when it appeared I was losing ground, somehow I was being molded to fit a season that I could not yet see – a season that would come into view after I had prevailed over the storm – a season that only faith in God could materialize.    To me …  it seems life-storms are subject to God’s plan and His purpose for my life.    In some way, in God’s infinite plan,  life-storms that seemed to be breaking me down were building me up.   Even though I could not always identify it, a divine measure of God’s power was at work in my life.

At times, it was mind-boggling, upsetting, and even hard to focus on thinking that the present hardship was preparation for the future.    Even so, life-storms better equipped me to be victorious in struggles that were waiting for my arrival.    

In many ways, an encounter with life-storms have taught me lessons that have prepared me to meet up with opportunities that God has predetermined for my life.   Problems of the past surprisingly turned out to be a blessing that provided me with wisdom, and      know-how that’s essential for my life journey.  Perhaps trials usher you into purpose divine.   

The dilemma that you face today is an obstacle for you now, but it’s shaping you to fit the future that God has planned for your life.  God’s purpose for your life is larger than the present you.   Each time you make it through difficult moments; you expand your capacity to embrace your destiny.   We serve a big God with big plans and He has prepared a big future for you and me.  

We Meet Destiny and Purpose During Difficulty 

An Answered Prayer 

Lord, you’ve touched my life in a special way; I can still feel the presence of that day.    A season of hurt written in my time; occupied my heart, soul, and mind.     I was drowning inside of a terrible life-storm; You came along, and wrapped me in your arms.     My heart was broken, tossed around and about; You heard my call for help and carried me out.     Tears blinded my eyes, I couldn’t clearly see; in my distress, You revealed yourself to me.      

It seemed like a way out was something I could only dream of … You rescued me; I’ve experienced Your compassion and love.     I’m surrounded by Your beauty and Your peace; I’m amazed at how Your mercy never ceases.     You brought a great deal of joy into my space; a contentment that my soul cannot erase.      You’ve been with me through hurt so deep; You made me strong when I was weak.

You closed the door to my aching heart just in time; and opened a door to peace that comforted my heart and mind.     You’re here and I know that You are real; It’s wonderful, the happiness You make me feel.      You reached for me and I stretched for Your hand; we’re connected; I’m a part of Your plan.      I’m privileged and blest because You care; time with You gets better in every moment we share.

You’ve smiled upon my days and answered my heart’s plea; I’m forever grateful that You delivered me.      Life storms didn’t destroy me, but pushed me into a brand new day; all because You have a remedy for every problem that comes my way.      Your involvement in my life experiences have molded me into who I am now; when I think about the victories You gave me, it makes me smile.

You’ve turned unpleasant situations into triumph for me, this is my report; I’m equipped to fit my future because of Your support.     Trouble met purpose and together they brought me into a destined place; given that You surrounded me with Your mercy and grace.     Lord, thank you for Your love and protection that You so freely give; truly, You are the explanation for my liberty and the reason that I live.

God has power over storms: Mark:4:39 Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

Expressing Gratitude: Darlene Wiggins