About My Journal of Praise

My Journal of Praise: Writing Inspiration

Reflecting On The PAST ~ Appreciating TODAY

Hopeful About TOMORROW

Be Encouraged, Be Inspired, Be Blessed

As you read, it is my prayer that you will hear God’s voice in your heart and be blessed to experience the God in you!  

My Journal of Praise, simply put, is an expression of my relationship with God and the precious dialogue happening within. It provides me with a quiet place to fellowship with God. I am living life one day at a time, and in pursuit and discovery of the person that God has created me to be.

My Journal of Praise has been a source of limitless opportunity for my personal growth and an awe-inspiring way to spend devotional time. It has opened up new perspectives on life’s challenging moments by giving me a way to express my fears, doubts, joys and happiness.

My Journal of Praise is written as a ballad, a rhyming narrative in a form that can be sung to music. My Journal of Praise is a Journaling experience with God that has been pure inspiration encouraging me to experience life more fully. I find myself embracing life like never before, and savoring the beauty of every moment.

My Journal of Praise has been a constant source of encouragement for me.

I am uplifted and challenged.

Sometimes a word of encouragement is all you need.


When your pathway is not clear to you, and you don’t know exactly what to do … When your mind is not at complete ease; that’s the time to get on your knees. Take all of your concerns to Almighty God, nothing for Him is too hard. He understands what you don’t know, and He knows the direction that you must go. He is the master of your life’s design; God is in charge of every moment in your time.

Potter and Clay

He is the potter and you’re the moldable clay;

He takes delight in hearing you when you pray.

God’s ear is open to attend to your call; He is available to take care of it all. He is eager to guide you into your success; God’s plan for your life is where you should invest. Take time to know God’s plan for your days, and allow Him to guide you along your life’s way. There is greatness living and breathing inside your soul, and now is the time to step into your destined role.

God made you and me with a beautiful purpose in mind; He blessed us to be here, wasn’t that kind? He thought of you and me with great pleasure, and made us out of the finest treasures. Do you know the greatness that lives within you? Do you know the power you have to live what you’re born to do? God made your life to be impressively great, include Him in your life plans each day.

God has a plan fit for your years; you were born with survival gear. You have what it takes and you’re built for the position; you have what you need to complete your life’s mission. I could tell you that you won’t have to struggle occasionally, but that’s not a truth in life for you or me. I could tell you that everything you try will be trouble free, but that to is not reality.

I can tell you this and I believe it is true; with God, you will find success in all that you do. Converse with the Lord, He’s waiting to hear from you; have a conversation with God in all that you do. Pull up a chair and sit down with the Lord each day; and embrace Him as He welcomes what your heart has to say. Spending time with the creator is a must do because He’s the one who knows everything about you.

God made everything that has been made, and He paved every pathway that has been laid. He’s in charge of every season that shows its face; God owns the deed to every inch of every space. The Lord has knowledge about heaven and earth’s every part, and He established every end, middle, and start. Since God is responsible for so much and further than; you want to be guided day by day by His hand.

He knows everything that you must go through, to arrive at the place that is destined for you. A small thing that God asks of you to achieve, seek His face in love and fervently believe. Believe that the Lord will come when you call, and that He has the remedy for all things large and small. Trust that the Lord is fully capable and is in powerful control, and trust that your life is carefully safeguarded inside His hold.

You’ll make it through sweat and tears because you have a stamp from heaven to get through difficult years. You will overcome tough situations that appear; just remember you’re equipped and you’re meant to be here. Your life is a blessing that is given from the Almighty King; that’s enough to make your soul dance and sing. Because God made you so special and so grand; Your life is here to be a blessing in the land.

After all, God is the one who gives us visions, hopes and dreams, and everything from Him is quite supreme. Believe you shall triumph inside every life storm, and while you’re going through your character is being formed. Believe every mountain that you must scale, will give you new strength to consistently prevail. Trust that you will get wiser and stronger through every test, and that you’ll come out as your brand new best.

Strive to soar to heights that seem impossible to attain, and keep on believing through sunshine and rain. Dream dreams like you have never done before, and open your heart to receive much more. Stretch long and wide to reach your destined height, and be determined to travel within God’s might.

Be set on seeing yourself like God says you are, and believe that God will bless you to go very far. You know that some roads will be fairly bumpy, and some moments in life shall be sort of lumpy. Some days will be rather tough to bear, and some will be uncomfortable for you to wear. Some moments will be a comfortable fit, and you will be glad to be a part of it. In the presence of the Lord is the most prosperous place to be; It is surely the place where you find peace and liberty.

Darlene Wiggins ~ My Journal of Praise