Dream Harvest

Grow Into Your Future

Dream Until Your Dreams Find You! Photo Courtesy: David Wagner

When God gives you a dream, a vision, or a word of encouragement, it is surely true and meant for you.    Work and wait patiently on the manifestation of your dreams.  It is within your reach to arrive at the destination that God has planned for your life.   James 5:7  [ Patience in Suffering ]   Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming.  See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains.   God planted  dreams inside your heart; just as the farmer  has to wait for his harvest to appear,  you too must wait for God to unfold your dreams and bring forth your harvest.

Work and Wait!  God isn’t asking you to do something that you don’t have the power to do.  When God decided to create the heavens, earth, and mankind,  surely He had the vision complete in His mind; even so, God worked and waited for the outward show of beauty that danced in His thoughts.  

God was the first to demonstrate the power of working and waiting.  Now here we are, His creation, taking pleasure in the work that God has done.   If God didn’t have the patience to work and wait, where would we be?

Work while you wait on the things that God has promised you.   Every dream that God has planted shall grow,  if you are willing to let God nurture you into full bloom.  There is a harvest season for the labor that you endure.   Isaiah 40:31  but those who hope in the LORD  will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles;  they will run and not grow weary,  they will walk and not be faint.

Growing pangs shall occur and it’s natural.    Growing and developing go through a process to arrive at maturity.    The familiar place that you have become comfortable with will stretch, and compel you to expand beyond the space you are accustom to.   Sometimes that hurts!

Don’t let growth pains discourage you from accomplishing your dreams and visions.  When God gives you a dream, vision, or something to do, surely it will require you to journey beyond the surroundings of your usual space.     If you go with God where He wants to take your life, you will outgrow the space that you have become content with.   God is enormous.  Traveling with God will take you on a life tour that you cannot imagine possible.

Be excited to become familiar with new territory in God.

I feel a precious move of  God so strong; a grand shift that shall take place before long.    I feel it over here and I see over there; the presence of the Lord is  everywhere.      Coming to dress me in His finest costume; adorned to wear my royal air looms.      Receiving my inheritance in the earth; all of my labor shall soon bring forth birth.   My dream seeds are growing robust and tall; the harvest is coming, I hear the call.  

Come and release my children today; give them what they ask and pray.    Bless them in their hearts and  minds; glory be to God in this grandiose time.   Upon the table is a feast that’s so great; the doors are wide open standing at the gate.    All of my dreams and my visions to be; are waiting to serve what is promised to me.    The table,  I tell you is a big spread; all of what my father has written and said.    
My eyes open wide with such a surprise because my Lord is strong, wealthy, and wise.    I feel a soft hand upon my face; I feel the Lord surrounding my space.    I feel His presence so fresh and new; oh Lord, oh Lord what are you going to do?     I know you are up to something so great; I know that I shall see it,  oh how I can’t wait.     I know that you are going to move very soon; I know it,  I know it,  I know it this noon.    Lord, I feel your massage in my soul so calm; pulling me away from life’s  distractions and storms.   You are leading me into the newest me in you; oh Lord, oh Lord,  I’m open to your move.  
No matter how heavy or long you must carry your dream load and no matter how unfair life may seem, Keep your eyes on the goal while traveling toward your dreams

Darlene Wiggins