He’s Here and There

God is inside of every season that comes by;

He’s already in your future, waiting for you to arrive.

Photo Courtesy: David Wagner

Although we can’t see the details of what tomorrow will bring, God has knowledge of every day that comes into view.  His wealth of understanding surpasses our intellectual capacity.   

God guides you each day with instructions, equipping you to be victorious in a forthcoming season that your life will meet.   Although you don’t always understand the ways of God, He has a formula fit for your life.  

God’s instructions are the driving force that gets you on the path toward His plan for your life.   Proverbs 3:5-6      Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

You Knew This Day Would Come

Father, I honor you deeply today; because You came with precision by my way.     You prepared me before hand for what was sheltered from my view; thank you my Lord for the preparation that You do.     Thank you for thinking about what was going to visit me;  You’ve looked out for the future that I couldn’t see.

You’ve skillfully guided me in Your hands; making sure I would remain on target in Your plan.      You are so wonderful,  great and wise; You are blest with all seeing eyes.      You know everything connected to my past and present days; and You know of the future that You have laid.

You have all knowledge of my upcoming time; And You’ve arranged my future to fit Your design.      Today I look back over Your instructions for me to follow; If I hadn’t taken action, a difficult season that visited me would’ve been tough to swallow.      Although I couldn’t understand the things You were telling me to do; truely, I’m so glad that I listened to You.

Your plan was revealed to me while inside the storm’s blaze; I’m grateful that You’re in charge of all of my days.      The storm set its sight on my demise; but it wasn’t successful because You are on my side.   

I don’t have words to describe my heart’s grateful regard;  You put a cushion inside of a season that could’ve torn me apart.       Lord, You prepared me for what was hush-hush; Instead of destroying me, the storm gave me a victory-thrust.

God is inside of your tomorrow today;

Trust in the Lord to guide you along your way. 

Darlene Wiggins