Get To The Root

Photo by Qf8


When your heart and mind are occupied with issues and hang-ups from the past; your decisions are escorted by your wounds and you place limitations on your happiness.

  Did you ever try to find the root of your problem?  

Did you ever seek to find the root of your grief?

Somewhere inside of your situation, lies a starting place for the outcome that you see.  When you determine the root of situations, it reveals a focal point to address; and at the same time, it gives you power to work on changing future outcomes.  Face disappointment, regrets, and frustration; and don’t ignore broken situations by closing your eyes to the source of an issue.

The root of a situation carries great weight in your life and makes an imprint on your day-to-day living.  Prepare yourself to forgive others, overlook insignificant matters and reconcile with your past.  Embrace healing and become determined to be an advocate for your happiness.

Darlene Wiggins