On Assignment

Photo by Craig Olear

How will I know what my life’s mission is?  

Your life’s mission  contains  assignments and projects  designed by God specifically for you.    It’s Amazing  ~ You will know because your spirit will  make you aware of it,  your heart  will connect you to it,  and you will become joyful about it.  

You will have an endless desire to complete it and destiny on the inside will draw you toward it.   You  will hunger for It  and have a longing to become acquainted with it. 

Your life’s mission is meant to be accomplished by you.    If you don’t do it, the world will miss  precious gifts that God has given you to share.    We all have some of the same gifts,  talents,  and  expertise;  but we are unique in the way they are expressed.   

No one can do it like you.     Grow into your life’s  mission.

Darlene Wiggins