It’s Ok To Wait

Ecclesiastes 3:1
[A Time for Everything ]  

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens:

Photo by: Jim Zielinski Monarch cocoon to butterfly transformation-3

You say “go” ~ God says “no”

God gave me something to do and I was excited about to. I saw the vision because God made it clear, but I didn’t know all of the details on how to bring it near.

I began working on a plan to achieve God’s assignment for my days; I listened to God; I worked and I prayed.  I tried to accomplish the dream with faith in God, patience, and my knowledge and ability; Yet, there was something that seemed to be missing from me.

At times, it looked as if I had everything in place and was ready to move; but with all of that, things were not going smooth. After I spent some time trying to do it this way and that; I used up all of my resources with nothing else to pull out of my hat.

One fine day, I found this to be true and right; God has a way of doing things and it is far pass my knowledge, ability, and sight. God  moves me at His pace, on His path, toward His dreams for my time and legacy; I have to dream-build while I am on my journey.

God gives me the details as I travel toward my dreams; and as I aim to reach my dreams, more distance I receive.  I must stay in God’s timing for my dream release date; in this way, I am on time and never late.  When the season is upon me and it calls for my dreams, my knowledge, and my skills; God will open doors that I will not have room enough to fill.

 God’s “no” is one way of saying work toward your dreams, as He leads;

 and wait for Him to develop you into what He has prepared for you to do.

God’s “no” now is “yes” at a later date

Darlene Wiggins