My Heart Is Full Of Praise

Psalm 13:6  [NIV]   I will sing the LORD’s praise,  for he has been good to me


[  Thank You Father  ]     

 My heart is jubilant and overwhelmed today; as I think about how God has made a way.   Father, your gift of protection is of great worth to me always; thank you so much, I give you honor and praise.   You have constantly taken good care of me every day of my life; I don’t have enough words to express my thankfulness for your sacrifice.

You held my head up high when it was near to the ground; thank you for not letting difficult situations take me down.   You have sheltered me when times were tough for me to go through; It’s amazing; you blessed me to keep my dignity to.   You even helped me keep my mind in a stable place; and you didn’t let my emotions run all over the place.

You put me back on track when I almost went astray; Father, my love for you grows stronger each day.   You stood with me as I lived through terrible seasons; my deepest gratitude I send to you for this reason.   You assigned angles to come and see about me many times; I am so blessed that you have me on your mind.

You were there helping me when I was weak and strong; encouraging me to keep on going and overcome the storm.     You didn’t let me lose confidence and hope in you; and because I held on, you showed me what you can do.  I could have given into life’s heart aches and stress; but I held on with faith to endure the test.

I can’t take credit for holding on to faith and trust inside the storm; It’s because my Father held me so close inside His arms.   God cushioned me in such a way that I could maintain my calm; He gracefully and lovingly kept me from disastrous harm.  I am thankful for sweet love so divine; and I am grateful to God for being so kind.

I’m better today than I was before the storm came in; and God has blessed me to be excited about enduring to the end.  I could go on and on trying to tell of my appreciation for God’s finger of love; I am just so privileged to have a bond with my Father above.   

I want to encourage someone somewhere to be of good cheer; your day of liberation is almost here.  With God, deliverance is always on the way; Just hold on and look forward to your victory day. 

My heart is jubilant and overwhelmed today; As I think about how God has made a way.

Darlene Wiggins