An Unexpected Time

: Suddenly : 

Psalm 107:29
(GOD)  He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed

You had good health, income, strength, love and possessions: days seemed to be okay; then a life storm came by your way.    The storm had winds that twisted and twirled; and began to shake your present world.    Life’s troubles came in at an unexpected time; and placed some darkness in your heart and mind.     The storm took some precious treasures away; and left you empty without them in your day.  

You’re determined to live each day with a smile; yet wondering if you will make it through the next mile.    You look for a solution for the dilemma at hand; and try to keep your faith and try to stand.     A wearisome soul visits because you don’t know which way to turn; and you consider perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned.    Your body becomes fatigued and your mind is worn out; and at times it seems easier to give up and doubt.     You’re in an uncomfortable tight fitting place; and you really need some breathing space.

Well … God specializes in storm repair; He can fix anything  anytime  anywhere.    

God can quiet the most dreadful storm; and wrap you inside of His loving arms.   He can ease the intensity of the wounds that you wear, and make it easier for you to bear.     He can show you day to day how to overcome the trial; and give you grace to do it with style.    He can present you with an escape plan; and be with you in flight:  holding your hand.     He can perform an instantaneous mend and the storm will depart; and your life will be ready for a brand new start.  God has healing  options, too many to calculate;  send your prayer request to God:  why wait?

Call to the Lord and help shall appear; He is always waiting with a listening ear.    Tell God all about your troubles and how they make you feel; when you talk to the Lord just be open and real.     Express yourself, He knows about it anyway; He just wants to hear it from your lips today.

Hold on … God specializes in storm repair; He can fix anything  anytime  anywhere.   

Darlene Wiggins