Are You A Dreamer?

A Plant growing in a desert ~ Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

Grow Against The Odds:   Your Dreams Will Develop and Grow If You Keep Them Alive !

Probverbs 3:5-6 (NIV) 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Stay Encouraged: Hold On To Your Dreams

There is a dreamer inside of me with much to think about; dreams dwell within, and are eager to come out.      Dreams that were birth when God made my days; dreams full of beauty destined to give God praise.     Dreams that will put my Lord on parade; dreams that are fashioned with the highest grade.    Dream-splendor shaped to raise my dream- faith; with God my dreams are really safe.   

I am a dreamer privileged to dream deep and vast; and I’m living in hope that each dream shall come to past.    I’m a dreamer excited when my soul is embraced, with moments when dreams pour into my space.    My dream-mind is full of dream-sight; visions that provide me with great dream-might.

The dreamer inside cries because it’s not always trouble-free; you see: the dreams are so much bigger than me.     The dreams are in no way minor or small; they are of  the largest call.     The dreams require some of the biggest tasks; sometimes I wonders if I have what it takes to last.

My dreams are attached to missions so grand; and they are made carefully by God’s hand.   God took great care to create my dream-views; while knowing how my life would be greatly used.    God looks at my dream-soul that he made to birth; and he knows the exact measure of my dream’s worth.    God’s eyes remain upon my dream-soul; and He guides me by His divine control.

God is mindful of my dreams and what I shall be; and He has appointed dreams fashioned to fit me.   The dreams that God has given to me are surely mine; and they are a part of my lifetime.    I realize that my dreams are more than just for me; and they are even more than my destiny.    I see my dreams as a heavenly slide show, to express the glory of what God knows.

I see my dreams as a small portion of God’s best; dreams given to me by God is where I must invest.   My dreams are made to share God’s mind; my dreams are designed to make God shine.     My dreams are intended to bless the land; my dreams are created to meet God’s plan.    I am a dreamer with desire to live out God’s aim; and to fulfill the purpose of my God given name.    My dreams are of the nature that shall out live me; the dreams that God has given are beyond what I see.

I dream and I taste of God’s love and kindness; I am a dreamer and I’m fortunate to be blessed.    My dreams stretch far and are plentiful and wide; I must admit, sometimes I want to hide.    My dreams stay awake never to sleep; the dreams are a part of me and for my keep.    I dream and I know that I must make a move, to fulfill the dreams that are God approved.  

I desire to live every dream through and through; but sometimes as a dreamer I don’t know what to do.    I embrace each dream that seeks to arise; knowing that they are God’s precious prize.    I’m driven by the dreams that God has proposed; every day I seek to understand what God shall disclose.   No rest for the dreamer until the dreams unfold; every dream that God gives to me, I aim to take hold.    Resting inside of my dream-mind are visions meant for a specific time.    I dream by day and I dream by night, trying to reach God’s dream-height.   Passion fills my dream-heart so strong; and my dream list becomes very long.

My heart embraces encouraging words that speak so soft and sweet;

[[  One day the dreams God has given, you shall meet.    Hold on to what you heard, don’t focus on doubt and fear; dreams God has given are near.   Keep the dreams close to your purest heart; your Father shall  finish what he did start.   

Sometimes the winds of life shall be gusty and brisk;

but remember, take hold of this.    

Your Heavenly Father is lifting you unlimitedly high; It’s okay if sometimes you have to cry.    You are built to withstand life’s harsh storms;  You’ll come out of everyone with minimal harm.    The dreamer has pain sometimes; but God will keep you in a stable heart and mind.    Trust in the Lord with all your might; God is working everything out during your night.   Day and night are significant parts of God’s plan; but through it all, you shall victoriously stand. ]]  

Everytime I hear the Lord encourage me, it reminds me of how great I am in thee.   So I go about my days dreaming the things that my Life must do; and I seek to meet each season where my dreams come true.

Pray to God for strength to hold on to your dreams.

I hope that every dreamer will never lose dream-sight and hold on to every dream with faith in God’s power and might. 

Darlene Wiggins