Go For It


Some of the details attached to your dreams are hidden from your view; but if you continue pursuing the details, they will find you.

Photo Courtesy Mike Coates @ http://www.publicdomainpictures.net

Don’t  just wish for your dreams to come true, believe it’s so;  don’t wonder about how it will happen, just know that you know.     Don’t second guess your dream-insight, it’s given to you by God’s power and might.

Don’t give into a negative heart’s reply;  keep faith near, God has an all seeing eye.     God made your dreams specifically for you to pursue; remain dedicated to the dreams that your life must do.

Don’t listen to a downbeat voice that may appear; be encouraged by the positive things that are near.     Don’t become disheartened because manifestation is taking long, stay optimistic and become lion-strong.

Don’t move away from your destiny’s course, and be lead by God’s invisible force.     Don’t forget who you are in the earth, and remember there is a purpose for your birth.

Don’t abandon your dreams while on your journey’s road; every dream has a set beginning time and load.    Don’t worry when things seem to be moving slow, and keep in mind that you are created to extensively grow.

Don’t underestimate your limitless treasures within; God breathes upon your days and your dreams begin.     Leap into your dream-path and stick to it like glue; every step that you take will reveal something new.

Embrace newness in your life and gain knowledge of how it fits;

Be grateful for the progress you’ve made and DON’T QUIT.

Darlene Wiggins