Treasures Within

Photo Courtesy: Steffen M. Boelaars

Deep Inside

In each of us there’s a God-given desire deep inside, and it doesn’t want to always hide.   It wants to be free in the earth, showing off all of God’s glory and worth.   Let your God-given desire soar high in the sky, and bless everyone that passes by.  Let your inner glow glisten and shine, and broadcast God’s splendor throughout mankind.    I surely desire to  attain what God says is so, and I believe I shall as I continually grow.    I declare I have greatness inside of me, and all of it I hope to see.    I’m made specific for this time and season’s flavor;  I shall inhale its beauty and its freshness I’ll savor.    I know great and wonderful things are in my agenda;   I must remember in my waiting that God is the sender.     I was created to express the light of my Lord and King; and because He lives in me, it shall spring.     I was a living thought in my Lord’s mind so superb, then He decided to make me His action verb.    He was pleased with the beautiful image that danced in His mind, and He made me as a part of His design.  

Photo Courtesy: Bobbi Jones Jones

I can see God’s smile as he thought about my days …

How I was going to wear worship and praise:   

How I was going to be inside of His love letter:

How He would mold me into His best and better:

How He was going to bless my life’s tour, and how I was going to seek Him in a passionate explore:

How I was going to bring honor to His name, and how He would for me do the same:

How I was going to be one of His elements of light, and Oh did He smile when He saw me shining bright.

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  your works are wonderful,  I know that full well

My life and your life is here for a season to show off God’s zing, and we are privileged to be a part of  everything.     I believe in my heart with great certainty, that we must move toward what the Lord says shall be for you and me. 

Surely, there are treasures burning deep inside my soul;  and I shall live the beauty that they unfold.   I pray that your God-given desires  no longer hide, and  I hope you show off all of the  beauty that God has placed inside.   

Darlene   Wiggins