That’s Good News

Isn’t  It  Nice ?

Isn’t it good to be in God’s friendship-connection, to be a recipient of the Lord’s affection?

Isn’t it grand to be noticed by the King, to be in the presence of His holy things?

Isn’t it wonderful to receive answers to prayers you claim, blessed because God knows your name?

Isn’t it incredible how the Lord works things out, just being in the midst of His blessing-spout?

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Isn’t it a mystery how the Lord is so high, and everything is always in the center of His eye.

Isn’t it comforting to have an excellent healing place, to have medicine for all of your ailing space?

Isn’t it delightful to have a Father so loving, pure, and kind, and to be one that gives pleasure to His heart and mind?

Isn’t it good to be in God’s friendship-connection, to be a recipient of the Lord’s affection.

Isn’t  It  Nice?

Darlene Wiggins