Waiting and Anticipating

Good news:  God’s  eyes  are  fixed  on  you and His blessings are too.   ~   Photo Courtesy: Makcnm Kykywknh

I’m Over Here

I’m going over to the other side; God’s planned blessings for me cannot hide.    Come out blessings and find me, I’m over here; I call to my blessings that linger near.    Here I am waiting to work for my Lord; into my future, I must get on board.   

Over in a distance is a far better me; that’s the place I desire to be.    Over there inside of God’s promises…  I look so very  grand; I know God has an extraordinary plan.    Over there I don’t know the me that I am now …  because I’m so dressed up in God’s wondrous power.     

I feel a little tingle in my soul; just thinking about who I am in my brand new mold.     I have a twinkle in my eye and I won’t give up; I tell you something is about to erupt.    Over here is where I’m reaching for the next phase; and in advance I give God all honor and praise.  1 Chronicles 29:13 Now, our God, we give you thanks,  and praise your glorious name

Always look forward to the future that God has for you.   His plans for you are of a grand scale.   You may need to climb, stretch, push, pull, or crawl   —  just get to the other side because God’s divine blessings are waiting for you to arrive.   Psalm 33:20   We wait in hope for the LORD;  he is our help and our shield

 Darlene Wiggins