What Did You Take With You?

In Life, We Are Always Confronted With Decisions. The Decisions You Make May Move You Forward Or Push You Backward. Even so, Make Up Your Mind To Make Important Decisions. Pray, Trust God, Make Decisions, Trust God, And Move On ~ Photo Courtesy: David Phillips

So you finally decided to remove yourself from a negative situation.   You left dancing and singing, “I’m free”.   Tears of pain and joy are carved inside your smile.    Although you don’t really know where to begin your new life, you move ahead with a determined heart.   

Day by day you live trying to put the broken pieces of your life back together.   You ask yourself, “How will I find a place of happiness fit for me”.   Immediately a thought rings loud, “today is a new day”.   Even so, it seems your life is a puzzle that’s difficult to fixed, and each day is a struggle to endure.  

Be that as it may, somehow you manage to make progress and begin feeling good about your life.   Your journey is long and tiresome, but getting to the other side of each day is a chance that you want to take.

One day a most important thought gets your attention…  “Physically you’ve moved on, but emotionally you’ve stayed.   You remain tied to the situation you ran away from “.   Oh what a day!   A staggering revelation, the past is a partition between you and your future.   What did you take with you when you left? 

Did you close the door to new opportunities in fear of the same thing happening again?

Did you hold on to anger and resentment, not allowing yourself to forgive?

Did you replay painful moments in your mind, not giving your heart rest-time to  heal?

Did you feel pity for yourself, and invite sadness in?

Did you talk about heartbreaking events again and again, taking time away from  focusing on your future?

Did you blame others for undesirable outcomes based on decisions you made?

Did you make unhealthy decisions hoping to prove a point to yourself or someone else?

Did you breathe life into old wounds when confronted with new surroundings that remind you of past situations?

What did you take with you when you left?     

Sometimes,  You have to Leave Some Things  Behind When You Are Moving Forward.

Darlene Wiggins