A Heavenly Feast

 Blessings of the Lord are Here

Blessings of the Lord are here, overflowing in the atmosphere.    Prepare your heart for what God shall display, many blessings set for this season and day.     Put on your receiving gear, and open your listening ear.

A Heavenly Pick

Blessings Come In Many Colors, Shapes And Sizes. Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

Come to the table, a feast in the land, eat a meal in God’s nourishment plan.     Feast on “Wisdom”, garnished in gold; eat until you satisfy your entire soul.     Indulge in “Peace”, a flavorful dish; it’s all of everything that your little heart can wish.    Treat yourself to “Favor”, a taste fit for your days; meals prepared to prosper you as you journey on your way.    Let your mouth water for  “Sight”, gently mixed, and allow yourself to take a “heavenly pick”.  

Rays of Light ~ Photo Courtesy: Jon Luty

Soak in “Fresh Air”, inhale and breathe; open your heart and commence to receive.     Don’t forget “ God’s Promises” glazed in divine sauce, and taste “Healing” and “Miracles” in a miraculous toss.   

A  Balanced Meal 

God provides a nutritionally balanced meal fit for your heart and soul ~ Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

Reach toward “Balance”, a delicious treat; take it all,  all you can eat.     A balanced meal shall be served … what a treasure; a heavenly banquet to an extensive measure.      Glance a little further, “Limitless” soaks in oil; “Go Beyond Now” is wrapped in pearly foil.   

Tulip Field ~ Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil1

Don’t Miss A Meal With The King of Kings

Photo Courtesy: Greg Getten

A placemat has your name written in bold letters grand; come with great expectation and eat from God’s hand.     Place your napkin in your lap and inhale precious perfume; open up your heart and soul and begin to make room.     Turn your heart and mind away from your worries and uncertainties; embrace God’s blessings and be set free.

Darlene Wiggins

Photo Courtesy: @ http://www.publicdomainpictures.net