Photo Courtesy: Lan  L

Photo Courtesy: Lan L

Psalm 119:105 

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.



Along the path that God made for me;

Through the eyes of faith, I can see.

Making each step with divine eyesight;

Faith in God makes my dark moments bright.


MJOP Darlene Wiggins


   Philippians 4:13- I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Seagulls flying Photo Courtesy Jiri Hodan                                                       Photo Courtesy:  George Hodan


Looking at my life from a higher place;
Soaring over trouble, winning my race.

Triumphant in everything and everywhere I go;
I am victorious, this I know.

MJOP: Darlene Wiggins

What Does Your Life Speak Each day?

What does your life display in the earth? Photo Courtesy: George Hodan

What does your life display in the earth?
Photo Courtesy: George Hodan

What Does Your Life Speak Every day? 

Will God Be Proud Of What You Display?

What does your everyday witness say?  What is it about God that you display?       

What do your actions reveal each time?  How do you demonstrate God’s heart and mind?

What does your life put on view every day?   Are you representing God’s will and way?

What do your words reveal about God in you?   Can everyone see Him in all that you do?

Do you think of everyone as God’s wonderful design?  To all that you come in contact with are you loving and kind?   

What do your thoughts convey as you live?  How much thanksgiving to God do you give?  

What are your desires toward God the King?  What is the sacrifice that you bring?   

What is your lifelong plan and ambition?  Is God’s purpose for your life your work and mission?

How do you broadcast God’s good news to all you see?  How do you show the world that God gave you victory?

How can one tell if God is using you in a day?   Do you live your life in a prayerful way?

How do you tell God’s story through your life’s tour?  Does your life show you trust God more and more?

Can God count on you to tell of His faithfulness?  Each and every day do you give God your best?

How do you tell of God’s great love for you?  How does your life prove what God can do? 

What does your everyday witness say?  What is it about God that you display?

 Darlene Wiggins ~ My Journal of Praise

Divine Access

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19

Photo Courtesy by Petr Kratochvil

Photo Courtesy by Petr Kratochvil

Divine Access

The wind of God’s anointing has come into view …  bringing a mighty grand blessing for me and you.      Rejoice in the wind, a doorway to all that you wish for; and prepare yourself for a heavenly downpour.     The wind shall push the darkest clouds far away; and the light of God shall shine brightly and rest upon your days.    

Prayers that you’ve planted throughout the years…  are in position to unfold, the answers are here.     The wind shall destroy barriers, setting you free; look forward to brand new opportunities.     The wind shall drape you with favor to win your life’s race; and God is going to restore your dreams, hopes, and faith.    

The wind has your future etched in heaven’s air, and countless blessings from the Lord are everywhere.      Leave some things of old behind … from them you must depart, and let the wind shape you to fit your brand new start.     The wind shall uncover your God given treasures for sure, and launch you into the blessings that God has in store.   

Catch the wind of God’s anointing as it passes over our time, and bathe in the healing power that it leaves behind.

Darlene Wiggins ~ MJOP

Born To Dance

Psalm 150:6    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. 

girl in rain

Life is like a dance in the Creator’s plan, and every move we make should be guided by His hand.     God is the creator of everything, and we’re designed to be in harmony with His plan for our lives.    Psalm 16:11  You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.


I’m dancing in God’s almighty hand, flowing with Him, inside of me,  inside of His plan.      

His invigorating wind blows life upon my way, and I move according to what the spirit says.      The air is fresh, rich, and brand new; dance to God’s tune is what I do.       He quenches the thirst in my hungry soul, and every part of me is awakened and made whole.

girl-dancing-rain pink preppy lilly loverHis presence shields me with brilliant light, and within me I’m twinkling so bright.     “Dance with me Lord “,  my spirit utters with a shout; “move me with You around and about.     Let me leap with You as You rise to soar, embrace every part of me more and more.     Hear my heart speak to You my deepest love,  let it be beauty that reaches Your ears above”.      Every moment I live, my life dances to exclaim, the magnificent  wonder of God’s holy name.     

This dance is life I taste from God’s  airway, humbly I offer God my worship and praise.      I celebrate God way down in my soul’s core, I dance and I long to be with God more.    

I’m lost inside of God’s melody and song, all I want to do is dance all day long.      We dance together in perfect harmony, nobody but God and me.      He covers my space, He’s extremely large, and when we dance God is in charge.      I don’t see myself or the world out there, being in unison with God’s flow is my care.      What matters to me is God’s smiling face, and  His presence saturating my entire space.      My heart and soul do understand that I am a dancer in God’s hand.     

I don’t dance on my own, and when I do, I’m never alone.      My Father is my dance partner you see; we dance together, this is how it should be.      God  gives my life meaning and makes me complete, every time we dance it is so sweet.        I embrace riches and wealth with each dance, it’s me and my Father in a divine romance.      Dance is my worship, my praise and devotion, I reverence the Lord with every move and motion.      The Lord is the composer of my life dance not me, so along with His design I must flow freely.  

I yield myself into God’s healing groove, and my attention is solely on my King’s move.       I follow Him intensely as He leads, and I allow Him to minister to me and my needs.     He speaks and my soul  yearns for His mercy and grace, as I thirst to be a pleasure before His face.      My  spirit listens to His warm heart beat, and we become one, I’m complete.

It’s a grand experience dancing with my Friend; every time we meet I’m restored again.     My Lord uncovers His wisdom when we’re as one; revealing things about  the present and things to come.      He speaks to my heart in an unforgettable way, and I make room for everything  He has to say.

I’m a  dancer as God has made me to be, and He choreographs all that comes out of me.    God sets the stage for where my feet must travel, and as I obey Him His purpose in me unravels.       Dance is one way me and my Lord communicate; every time we get together it’s an original date.      It’s key for me to be in agreement with His flow, so I may arrive at the place He wants me to go.      The Lord expresses His thoughts about His purpose and plan, and He favors me to tell His story throughout the land.

Dance is a piece of my connection to the King, and  with each dance everything in me sings.       A touch from the Lord and I’m not as before; He washes me up with a brand new pour.      When I’m inside of God’s marvelous might, His agenda is my only sight.       Dancing with my Royal Priest is my deepest pleasure, to me this is a most precious treasure.

I long for more of God limitlessly and wide, and  I reach for wherever His presence resides.       Dancing with my Father is the best thing to me because I can let go and be ever so free.       No walls, no limits, no barriers in sight,    just me and my Father dancing all day and all night.      I wear God’s presence when I dance to His wish, and  in that moment I eat a heavenly dish.

I don’t have words to convey my dance position, but I know it’s a part of my life’s mission.       I’ll celebrate and dance more with a thunderous shout, and I’ll expand in my soul to soak up all of God’s pouring out.     

I’m dancing in God’s almighty hand, flowing with Him, inside of me,  inside of His plan.

Darlene Wiggins ~ My Journal of Praise