Grateful, Grateful, Grateful

The Sound of Praise

My Heart Dances to the Tune of Praise!     Photo Courtesy: Marco Laython

Life can keep us busy and sometimes there isn’t enough time in a day to complete every desired task.    However, Ecclesiastes 3 There is a time for everythingand a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die,  a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal,  a time to tear down and a time to build.   Surely, there is always a time to give GOD PRAISE  for the great things that He has done.    God has blest us through life’s joys and pains.   He has caused us to have sunshine in the midst of rain.    Truely, God deserves an enormous applause.    In each  day, find a way to give God praise.   Deuteronomy 32:3, I will proclaim the name of the LORD.  Oh, praise the greatness of our God!

Dear God,

It’s me again Lord, thanking you for being my dear friend; thank you for always having time to listen.     I want to tell you how I feel; I am going to be honest and real.    I don’t take my life for granted and I’m appreciative today; from my heart to yours,  I send great praise your way.      

For as long as I can remember you have taken care of me; as I look back over my life you have given me sight when I couldn’t see.      I remember times when I couldn’t find my way; and there you were to rescue me out of my dismay.      My heart is grateful for all that you have done; there were times when I should have failed, but I won.     There were times when you  blest me even before I asked of you; my Lord, I am  thankful for the things that you do.      I recall not having enough  strength to continue on my way; and out of nowhere you gave me strength to maintain.       I have surely cried a river of tears; and you were there every step of the way to calm my fears.     You caused people to bless me just because I am your child; when I think about your goodness, it makes my soul smile.       You have surrounded me with loving friends and family; you are really good to me.

 My heart is full of joyful laughter and tears; 
as I bear in mind my life’s years.

It could have been me, without a place to call home; It could have been me living isolated and alone.       It could have been me without shoes and clothes to wear; It could have been me hopeless and in despair.     It could have been me in a sickbay; It could have been me with no desire to pray.      It could have been me letting negative talk pull me down; It could have been me mostly wearing a frown.      It could have been me burying my dreams inside of my fears and doubts; It could have been me stuck in a bad situation without a way out.

It could have been me not recovering from a dreadful life storm; It could have been me not having the opportunity to be born.      It could have been me not willing to get up after a terrible life fall; It could have been me not hearing encouragement’s call.     It could have been me fixed to living life carelessly about; It could have been me in bondage not knowing how to get out.       It could have been me not cherishing who I am in God’s plan; It could have been me not having the courage to stand.

It could have been me too afraid to try once more; It could have been me not embracing a desire to soar.     It could have been me not having the endurance to survive; It could have been me drowning in tears that fell from my eyes.     It could have been me living as if my life has no usefulness; It could have been me not realizing  my life is blest.       It could have been me not able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures; It could have been me not realizing I am one of God’s treasures.      It could have been me in a confused mind all day long; It could have been me living weak and not strong.   

Lord you have shown great mercy toward me all of my life’s days, and  I am here with pleasure giving you mighty honor and praise.

Darlene Wiggins

You’re Not Alone

God Will Take Your Place, Just Give Him Space

When problems rush in like a flood and things don’t go exactly the way you’ve planned,  “Plan to trust God”.     God’s  heart is big enough to love you through the storm.  His hands are large enough to carry you throughout the storm; and  He’s wise enough to solve any problem that you have.    Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1 NIV   

There is someone who will take my place, at times when my life is difficult to face.    The Lord shows up and lifts me ever so high; He absorbs the tears from my weeping eyes.   When I’m feeling sad, lonely, and misplaced; He soaks in my misery and unleashes joyful space. 

When God Comes Into My Space And Announces That I Am Free, My Troubles Bow To His Voice And They Must Flee !    Hallelujah !           Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil 

I wonder what God does with all of my pain…  because I know He feels every one of my strains.      I wonder how He can handle it all …  How He doesn’t stumble, crumble or fall.      When I don’t know what to say, think or do, He bears my burdens,  showing His concern for me is true.

He prevails over the darkness that covers me, standing before my troubles to make me free.     I’m rescued and the timing is always right, my Lord fills in for me and gives me His might.      He has all of the answers to the questions I raise, and He knows all about my past, present, and future days.     The Lord takes my place so that I might endure; He’s my proxy in times that I can’t take any more.

The Lord has taken my place at a priceless cost: I remember he died so that I might not be lost.      I’m more than fortunate to have a God so strong and wise, who takes care of my every need no matter the size.       There is someone who will take my place, at times when my life is difficult to face.    

Darlene Wiggins

Beauty I Can See

It’s Me Lord 

Dear God,

I am very thankful today ~ Hear the words my heart has to say

You spoke my life to be here ~ And I’m so grateful you’re always near

You are  wonderful to me ~ You are beauty that my soul can see

You take care of me all the time ~ I’m grateful you have me on your mind

 You made a plan for my life to wear ~ You said, whatever comes my way, you can bear

You shield me inside every storm ~ And you keep me wrapped within your arms

Oh what a brilliant place to be ~ In the presence of God Almighty

I wish I could express all the joy you bring ~ All of my heart dances and sings 

I Worship You Almighty King  ~   Photo Courtesy: Bobby Mikul

If I could fly I would soar really high  ~   I would take flight to the deepest sky

My soul would find your face and I would bow ~  I would welcome you with a big smile

 You are lovely to me and all should see ~ Your love and kindness capacity

You’re Almighty, Supreme, All-Powerful and King ~ You are amazing

 If I shout to the north, south, east, and west ~ I could not express your awesomeness

You are too marvelous to describe ~ And too enormous to hide

You are inside every moment that comes by my way ~ You have ownership of every day

You are a blessing to everything ~ You are more than I can imagine

You make my spirit ring and chime ~  And my soul begins to unwind

Your beauty strums my whole heart ~ I never want us to be apart

 And here we are in a divine weave ~  Far more than my soul could dream or believe

I just have a desire to tell you how I feel ~ Dear God, to me, you are incredible and real

Darlene Wiggins

I’ve Come Too Far

Sometimes I Want To Give Up,  But

Photo Courtesy: Peter Griffin

Difficult moments will enter your days every now and again, and at times, you may feel overwhelmed.    You may possibly become entangled in your problems and develop a distorted view of where your life is in God’s plan.    Negative thoughts and actions may lead you on a journey away from a solution for your circumstances.  In times like these, it’s vital to keep your focus on God’s promise:  Philippians 4:19  and my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of  His glory in Christ Jesus.    Don’t give up on God’s precious plan for your days.  In every situation, press on and give God honor and praise.  He has a remedy for your problem.  John 8:36  So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Sometimes I want to hang my head really low; sometimes I want to stop and not go.    Sometimes I don’t even want my mind to think; sometimes I am at the breaking brink.    Sometimes my situation – I don’t want to discuss; sometimes it’s even hard to trust.     Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed to rise; sometimes I feel I have reached my last try.    

Sometimes my mind doesn’t fall asleep; sometimes I have many tears to weep.    But, from somewhere in my soul deep inside, a voice of encouragement gives rise.      The Lord has a plan for my time; He made me with a purpose in mind.     My body and my mind may get tired and weak, and sometimes my days appear to be bleak.     Sometimes I want to cave in, it’s true; but I can’t because God has something for me to do.

My days and nights are sometimes blistery cold: and its triple dark sometimes, let the truth be told.     Disappointment and uncertainly sometimes visit me, and sometimes I don’t know how to break free.      Sometimes life is just difficult to bear, plus it is an uncomfortable tight fitting wear.      I can’t give up on me: I must continue on because there is a reason for me being born.

I thank God who delivers me from strain again and again; sometimes I want to give up, but if I do I won’t win.      I keep on going and pressing through the grind; and I thank God everyday for keeping me in a stable mind.      I continue moving toward the next day for me; and I expect the Lord to set me free.      I can’t give up: it’s not an option in my time because the way for my days have already been assigned.      My days have victory written in them from cover to cover; I can’t give up because there is much for me to discover.

 Darlene Wiggins

A Blessing Downpour

It May As Well Be Me

Be Happy And Expect  The Blessings That God Has For You.    Run Toward Your Blessings And See What God Can Do.   Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

Remember me Lord when you pass out blessings each day;

Remember me Lord is what I pray.     

It may as well be me in the midst of  the Lord’s blessing pour; 

My soul is excited about what God has in store. 


There is a special blessing in heaven’s hand,

On its way to invade the land.

Nothing can stop its arrival soon;

It may be morning, night, or noon.

 It’s coming in with a champion’s might;

Spreading a most brilliant light.


Heaven has something great to publicize;

And it is in an extremely large size.

The aim that heaven has in store:

Is to release treasures in a massive pour.

Blessings for the sick: healed from poor health;

Blessings transform poverty into prosperity and wealth.

Blessings for the hurting:  receive a remedy;

And all of the people will give praise to thee.

Blessings for the brokenhearted:  recover whole;

And restoration fresh will revive a soul.

It may as well be me when the Lord comes by;

My Lord please include me in this move on high.


Darlene Wiggins 

Treasures Within

Photo Courtesy: Steffen M. Boelaars

Deep Inside

In each of us there’s a God-given desire deep inside, and it doesn’t want to always hide.   It wants to be free in the earth, showing off all of God’s glory and worth.   Let your God-given desire soar high in the sky, and bless everyone that passes by.  Let your inner glow glisten and shine, and broadcast God’s splendor throughout mankind.    I surely desire to  attain what God says is so, and I believe I shall as I continually grow.    I declare I have greatness inside of me, and all of it I hope to see.    I’m made specific for this time and season’s flavor;  I shall inhale its beauty and its freshness I’ll savor.    I know great and wonderful things are in my agenda;   I must remember in my waiting that God is the sender.     I was created to express the light of my Lord and King; and because He lives in me, it shall spring.     I was a living thought in my Lord’s mind so superb, then He decided to make me His action verb.    He was pleased with the beautiful image that danced in His mind, and He made me as a part of His design.  

Photo Courtesy: Bobbi Jones Jones

I can see God’s smile as he thought about my days …

How I was going to wear worship and praise:   

How I was going to be inside of His love letter:

How He would mold me into His best and better:

How He was going to bless my life’s tour, and how I was going to seek Him in a passionate explore:

How I was going to bring honor to His name, and how He would for me do the same:

How I was going to be one of His elements of light, and Oh did He smile when He saw me shining bright.

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  your works are wonderful,  I know that full well

My life and your life is here for a season to show off God’s zing, and we are privileged to be a part of  everything.     I believe in my heart with great certainty, that we must move toward what the Lord says shall be for you and me. 

Surely, there are treasures burning deep inside my soul;  and I shall live the beauty that they unfold.   I pray that your God-given desires  no longer hide, and  I hope you show off all of the  beauty that God has placed inside.   

Darlene   Wiggins