Dream Harvest

Grow Into Your Future

Dream Until Your Dreams Find You! Photo Courtesy: David Wagner

When God gives you a dream, a vision, or a word of encouragement, it is surely true and meant for you.    Work and wait patiently on the manifestation of your dreams.  It is within your reach to arrive at the destination that God has planned for your life.   James 5:7  [ Patience in Suffering ]   Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming.  See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains.   God planted  dreams inside your heart; just as the farmer  has to wait for his harvest to appear,  you too must wait for God to unfold your dreams and bring forth your harvest.

Work and Wait!  God isn’t asking you to do something that you don’t have the power to do.  When God decided to create the heavens, earth, and mankind,  surely He had the vision complete in His mind; even so, God worked and waited for the outward show of beauty that danced in His thoughts.  

God was the first to demonstrate the power of working and waiting.  Now here we are, His creation, taking pleasure in the work that God has done.   If God didn’t have the patience to work and wait, where would we be?

Work while you wait on the things that God has promised you.   Every dream that God has planted shall grow,  if you are willing to let God nurture you into full bloom.  There is a harvest season for the labor that you endure.   Isaiah 40:31  but those who hope in the LORD  will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles;  they will run and not grow weary,  they will walk and not be faint.

Growing pangs shall occur and it’s natural.    Growing and developing go through a process to arrive at maturity.    The familiar place that you have become comfortable with will stretch, and compel you to expand beyond the space you are accustom to.   Sometimes that hurts!

Don’t let growth pains discourage you from accomplishing your dreams and visions.  When God gives you a dream, vision, or something to do, surely it will require you to journey beyond the surroundings of your usual space.     If you go with God where He wants to take your life, you will outgrow the space that you have become content with.   God is enormous.  Traveling with God will take you on a life tour that you cannot imagine possible.

Be excited to become familiar with new territory in God.

I feel a precious move of  God so strong; a grand shift that shall take place before long.    I feel it over here and I see over there; the presence of the Lord is  everywhere.      Coming to dress me in His finest costume; adorned to wear my royal air looms.      Receiving my inheritance in the earth; all of my labor shall soon bring forth birth.   My dream seeds are growing robust and tall; the harvest is coming, I hear the call.  

Come and release my children today; give them what they ask and pray.    Bless them in their hearts and  minds; glory be to God in this grandiose time.   Upon the table is a feast that’s so great; the doors are wide open standing at the gate.    All of my dreams and my visions to be; are waiting to serve what is promised to me.    The table,  I tell you is a big spread; all of what my father has written and said.    
My eyes open wide with such a surprise because my Lord is strong, wealthy, and wise.    I feel a soft hand upon my face; I feel the Lord surrounding my space.    I feel His presence so fresh and new; oh Lord, oh Lord what are you going to do?     I know you are up to something so great; I know that I shall see it,  oh how I can’t wait.     I know that you are going to move very soon; I know it,  I know it,  I know it this noon.    Lord, I feel your massage in my soul so calm; pulling me away from life’s  distractions and storms.   You are leading me into the newest me in you; oh Lord, oh Lord,  I’m open to your move.  
No matter how heavy or long you must carry your dream load and no matter how unfair life may seem, Keep your eyes on the goal while traveling toward your dreams

Darlene Wiggins

You’re Not Alone

God Will Take Your Place, Just Give Him Space

When problems rush in like a flood and things don’t go exactly the way you’ve planned,  “Plan to trust God”.     God’s  heart is big enough to love you through the storm.  His hands are large enough to carry you throughout the storm; and  He’s wise enough to solve any problem that you have.    Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1 NIV   

There is someone who will take my place, at times when my life is difficult to face.    The Lord shows up and lifts me ever so high; He absorbs the tears from my weeping eyes.   When I’m feeling sad, lonely, and misplaced; He soaks in my misery and unleashes joyful space. 

When God Comes Into My Space And Announces That I Am Free, My Troubles Bow To His Voice And They Must Flee !    Hallelujah !           Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil 

I wonder what God does with all of my pain…  because I know He feels every one of my strains.      I wonder how He can handle it all …  How He doesn’t stumble, crumble or fall.      When I don’t know what to say, think or do, He bears my burdens,  showing His concern for me is true.

He prevails over the darkness that covers me, standing before my troubles to make me free.     I’m rescued and the timing is always right, my Lord fills in for me and gives me His might.      He has all of the answers to the questions I raise, and He knows all about my past, present, and future days.     The Lord takes my place so that I might endure; He’s my proxy in times that I can’t take any more.

The Lord has taken my place at a priceless cost: I remember he died so that I might not be lost.      I’m more than fortunate to have a God so strong and wise, who takes care of my every need no matter the size.       There is someone who will take my place, at times when my life is difficult to face.    

Darlene Wiggins

I’ve Come Too Far

Sometimes I Want To Give Up,  But

Photo Courtesy: Peter Griffin

Difficult moments will enter your days every now and again, and at times, you may feel overwhelmed.    You may possibly become entangled in your problems and develop a distorted view of where your life is in God’s plan.    Negative thoughts and actions may lead you on a journey away from a solution for your circumstances.  In times like these, it’s vital to keep your focus on God’s promise:  Philippians 4:19  and my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of  His glory in Christ Jesus.    Don’t give up on God’s precious plan for your days.  In every situation, press on and give God honor and praise.  He has a remedy for your problem.  John 8:36  So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Sometimes I want to hang my head really low; sometimes I want to stop and not go.    Sometimes I don’t even want my mind to think; sometimes I am at the breaking brink.    Sometimes my situation – I don’t want to discuss; sometimes it’s even hard to trust.     Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed to rise; sometimes I feel I have reached my last try.    

Sometimes my mind doesn’t fall asleep; sometimes I have many tears to weep.    But, from somewhere in my soul deep inside, a voice of encouragement gives rise.      The Lord has a plan for my time; He made me with a purpose in mind.     My body and my mind may get tired and weak, and sometimes my days appear to be bleak.     Sometimes I want to cave in, it’s true; but I can’t because God has something for me to do.

My days and nights are sometimes blistery cold: and its triple dark sometimes, let the truth be told.     Disappointment and uncertainly sometimes visit me, and sometimes I don’t know how to break free.      Sometimes life is just difficult to bear, plus it is an uncomfortable tight fitting wear.      I can’t give up on me: I must continue on because there is a reason for me being born.

I thank God who delivers me from strain again and again; sometimes I want to give up, but if I do I won’t win.      I keep on going and pressing through the grind; and I thank God everyday for keeping me in a stable mind.      I continue moving toward the next day for me; and I expect the Lord to set me free.      I can’t give up: it’s not an option in my time because the way for my days have already been assigned.      My days have victory written in them from cover to cover; I can’t give up because there is much for me to discover.

 Darlene Wiggins

A Blessing Downpour

It May As Well Be Me

Be Happy And Expect  The Blessings That God Has For You.    Run Toward Your Blessings And See What God Can Do.   Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

Remember me Lord when you pass out blessings each day;

Remember me Lord is what I pray.     

It may as well be me in the midst of  the Lord’s blessing pour; 

My soul is excited about what God has in store. 


There is a special blessing in heaven’s hand,

On its way to invade the land.

Nothing can stop its arrival soon;

It may be morning, night, or noon.

 It’s coming in with a champion’s might;

Spreading a most brilliant light.


Heaven has something great to publicize;

And it is in an extremely large size.

The aim that heaven has in store:

Is to release treasures in a massive pour.

Blessings for the sick: healed from poor health;

Blessings transform poverty into prosperity and wealth.

Blessings for the hurting:  receive a remedy;

And all of the people will give praise to thee.

Blessings for the brokenhearted:  recover whole;

And restoration fresh will revive a soul.

It may as well be me when the Lord comes by;

My Lord please include me in this move on high.


Darlene Wiggins 

It’s Worth Looking For

Dreams Are Worth The Chase

Photo Courtesy: Jiri Hodan

I wonder what’s on the other side of my dreams, the details that are hidden from me. What’s over there that the Lord says is mine ? Where are the treasures that are a part of my time ?     I wonder what it looks like where my dreams come true…  How do they look from God’s point of view …     I’m like a child in my dream-world so grand; I appauld my dreams, giving them a grand stand.     Oh Lord, I long to live inside my dreams that came from you; I what to experience what my dreams lead me to do;
Dreams are made for me to pursue and chase, and I’m going to engage myself  inside of my dream-race .     Where are my dreams and how will they find me soon …  I look for them morning, night and noon.    God made me His triumphant creation, I’m leaping over my troubles to get to my dream destination.     I’m peeling off  old stuff that weigh me down, I’m determined to live free and not be bound.     I’m going to trust God when I have doubt and feel fear: my mind is made up, I’ll touch the treasures that are near.
My journey is for me and I’ll live it with enthusiasm and drive; and each day I’ll thank God for being alive.   I’m going to praise God for guiding me and staying by my side; through sunshine and rain, I look forward to a glorious ride.      I’m going to move forward with strength and God’s love; I’ll work and wait  for God’s guidance from above.      I won’t get weary and give up on what God has for me; and I expect to live inside of my divine destiny.
                                                                       Darlene Wiggins

Dream: Expect More

God-given Dreams Are Attached To Your Future

Ready or Not, Your Future Will Arrive

 Psalm 139:14   I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  your works are wonderful,  I know that full well.
Do you know your worth?    Your life is valuable beyond measure.  Everyday you are growing into riches untold.   You have many treasures stored inside and they are waiting for the moment to be released. 

Make room for your date to bloom.   God has a blooming date for your dreams: Just be patient, pray, expect, work, and wait.  Photo Courtesy: Jiri Hodan – PublicDomainPictures.net

It is sweet this early morning hour; the Lord God Almighty has all power.    His voice is strong, soft, and clear; it’s within me, His presence is near.     God loves to speak to me and you, telling of the wonderful things we’re created to do.  
Truth: You are the only one that can live your life.
See yourself through God’s eyes: allow God to expand your sight, so that you’ll reach extraordinary heights.    The things that God has prepared for you to see and do are specifically made for you.    Be excited about your life and what God has for you; don’t measure yourself  by what others can do.    Be confident in what your life offers in the land, and your legacy in God is where you must focus and stand.    Pray constantly in your heart and soul, and in your destiny, take control.    Be obedient to God at a quick rate, and decide to meet God’s blessing dates.    Yield to God: be true, and highlight what your life must do.    Be hungry for the things that God has for you: thirst after more; and declare your God-given open doors.     
Be determined to reach your dreams: they are in God’s hands, claim your birthright in God’s plan.    In God, always trust, and let your faith give you a thrust.    Seek God’s treasures for your life: He makes treasure deposits in places for you to find them; the key is to be guided by Him.    God knows where your treasures are buried and how they shall unfold day to day; let your heart be eager to hear what God has to say.    Let God be the pilot that steers your life on a facinating quest; God is always ready to show you His divine-best.
Let God-given dreams and visions motivate you to live as God has designed.    When God gives a dream, it is like pure gold; chreish God-given gifts and talents, they are worthy to behold.    God-given dreams are something that you want to take hold of in your lifetime; surely, if you do… the journey will amaze your mind.    Be encouraged in every circumstance; in each situation find a way to be enhanced.     Become aware of people in your sphere; keep some far and keep some near.    As it pertains to you and your space: be cautious of what you speak about when you articulate your destined route.    Be mindful of the thoughts you entertain, and let your mind be occupied by increase and gain.   Be swift to turn away from paralyzing doubt and uncertainty; and live fastened to what God says shall be.   
This is not a time to relax and unwind: this is a moment to aggressively focus on your future time.    This moment has been waiting for you to arrive;  fight for your God-given treasures so that your dreams will survive.
                                                             Darlene Wiggins