Go For It


Some of the details attached to your dreams are hidden from your view; but if you continue pursuing the details, they will find you.

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Don’t  just wish for your dreams to come true, believe it’s so;  don’t wonder about how it will happen, just know that you know.     Don’t second guess your dream-insight, it’s given to you by God’s power and might.

Don’t give into a negative heart’s reply;  keep faith near, God has an all seeing eye.     God made your dreams specifically for you to pursue; remain dedicated to the dreams that your life must do.

Don’t listen to a downbeat voice that may appear; be encouraged by the positive things that are near.     Don’t become disheartened because manifestation is taking long, stay optimistic and become lion-strong.

Don’t move away from your destiny’s course, and be lead by God’s invisible force.     Don’t forget who you are in the earth, and remember there is a purpose for your birth.

Don’t abandon your dreams while on your journey’s road; every dream has a set beginning time and load.    Don’t worry when things seem to be moving slow, and keep in mind that you are created to extensively grow.

Don’t underestimate your limitless treasures within; God breathes upon your days and your dreams begin.     Leap into your dream-path and stick to it like glue; every step that you take will reveal something new.

Embrace newness in your life and gain knowledge of how it fits;

Be grateful for the progress you’ve made and DON’T QUIT.

Darlene Wiggins

Treasures Within

Photo Courtesy: Steffen M. Boelaars

Deep Inside

In each of us there’s a God-given desire deep inside, and it doesn’t want to always hide.   It wants to be free in the earth, showing off all of God’s glory and worth.   Let your God-given desire soar high in the sky, and bless everyone that passes by.  Let your inner glow glisten and shine, and broadcast God’s splendor throughout mankind.    I surely desire to  attain what God says is so, and I believe I shall as I continually grow.    I declare I have greatness inside of me, and all of it I hope to see.    I’m made specific for this time and season’s flavor;  I shall inhale its beauty and its freshness I’ll savor.    I know great and wonderful things are in my agenda;   I must remember in my waiting that God is the sender.     I was created to express the light of my Lord and King; and because He lives in me, it shall spring.     I was a living thought in my Lord’s mind so superb, then He decided to make me His action verb.    He was pleased with the beautiful image that danced in His mind, and He made me as a part of His design.  

Photo Courtesy: Bobbi Jones Jones

I can see God’s smile as he thought about my days …

How I was going to wear worship and praise:   

How I was going to be inside of His love letter:

How He would mold me into His best and better:

How He was going to bless my life’s tour, and how I was going to seek Him in a passionate explore:

How I was going to bring honor to His name, and how He would for me do the same:

How I was going to be one of His elements of light, and Oh did He smile when He saw me shining bright.

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  your works are wonderful,  I know that full well

My life and your life is here for a season to show off God’s zing, and we are privileged to be a part of  everything.     I believe in my heart with great certainty, that we must move toward what the Lord says shall be for you and me. 

Surely, there are treasures burning deep inside my soul;  and I shall live the beauty that they unfold.   I pray that your God-given desires  no longer hide, and  I hope you show off all of the  beauty that God has placed inside.   

Darlene   Wiggins

Waiting and Anticipating

Good news:  God’s  eyes  are  fixed  on  you and His blessings are too.   ~   Photo Courtesy: Makcnm Kykywknh

I’m Over Here

I’m going over to the other side; God’s planned blessings for me cannot hide.    Come out blessings and find me, I’m over here; I call to my blessings that linger near.    Here I am waiting to work for my Lord; into my future, I must get on board.   

Over in a distance is a far better me; that’s the place I desire to be.    Over there inside of God’s promises…  I look so very  grand; I know God has an extraordinary plan.    Over there I don’t know the me that I am now …  because I’m so dressed up in God’s wondrous power.     

I feel a little tingle in my soul; just thinking about who I am in my brand new mold.     I have a twinkle in my eye and I won’t give up; I tell you something is about to erupt.    Over here is where I’m reaching for the next phase; and in advance I give God all honor and praise.  1 Chronicles 29:13 Now, our God, we give you thanks,  and praise your glorious name

Always look forward to the future that God has for you.   His plans for you are of a grand scale.   You may need to climb, stretch, push, pull, or crawl   —  just get to the other side because God’s divine blessings are waiting for you to arrive.   Psalm 33:20   We wait in hope for the LORD;  he is our help and our shield

 Darlene Wiggins

Good Stuff

Wishing You The Best

I pray that your life be moved  in a supernatural way, bringing more and more good stuff into your day.     The kind of good stuff that makes you smile, you know that kind of good stuff that lingers for a while.      The kind of good stuff that makes you giggle, you know the kind of good stuff that makes your toes wiggle. 

A Happy Heart Makes Your Toes Wiggle and Your Feet Giggle.

The kind of good stuff that stays on your mind, you know the kind of good stuff that you want in your time.     The kind of good stuff that won’t let you sleep, you know the kind of good stuff that makes you weep.    The kind of good stuff that you just like to talk about, you know the kind of good stuff that makes you shout. 

Good Stuff Can Make You Smile.

The kind of good stuff that will make you do an unexpected twist; you know the kind of good stuff that you don’t want to miss.     The kind of good stuff that will make you have a celebration parade; you know the kind of good stuff that God made.   The kind of good stuff that will make you sashay; you know the kind of good stuff that enters your day.

A Moment To Celebrate!   A Moment To Remember!

There Are Some Moments In Your Life That You Want To Last Forever. Savor The Moment And Enjoy The Journey.

God has so much good stuff in treasures of a massive size; God has a lot of good stuff,  Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise! 

God Gives Good Gifts, All You Have To Do Is Open Them.

This is the kind of good stuff  that I pray for you today, and I hope all of God’s good stuff comes straight forward your way.  

 Darlene Wiggins

Are You A Dreamer?

A Plant growing in a desert ~ Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

Grow Against The Odds:   Your Dreams Will Develop and Grow If You Keep Them Alive !

Probverbs 3:5-6 (NIV) 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Stay Encouraged: Hold On To Your Dreams

There is a dreamer inside of me with much to think about; dreams dwell within, and are eager to come out.      Dreams that were birth when God made my days; dreams full of beauty destined to give God praise.     Dreams that will put my Lord on parade; dreams that are fashioned with the highest grade.    Dream-splendor shaped to raise my dream- faith; with God my dreams are really safe.   

I am a dreamer privileged to dream deep and vast; and I’m living in hope that each dream shall come to past.    I’m a dreamer excited when my soul is embraced, with moments when dreams pour into my space.    My dream-mind is full of dream-sight; visions that provide me with great dream-might.

The dreamer inside cries because it’s not always trouble-free; you see: the dreams are so much bigger than me.     The dreams are in no way minor or small; they are of  the largest call.     The dreams require some of the biggest tasks; sometimes I wonders if I have what it takes to last.

My dreams are attached to missions so grand; and they are made carefully by God’s hand.   God took great care to create my dream-views; while knowing how my life would be greatly used.    God looks at my dream-soul that he made to birth; and he knows the exact measure of my dream’s worth.    God’s eyes remain upon my dream-soul; and He guides me by His divine control.

God is mindful of my dreams and what I shall be; and He has appointed dreams fashioned to fit me.   The dreams that God has given to me are surely mine; and they are a part of my lifetime.    I realize that my dreams are more than just for me; and they are even more than my destiny.    I see my dreams as a heavenly slide show, to express the glory of what God knows.

I see my dreams as a small portion of God’s best; dreams given to me by God is where I must invest.   My dreams are made to share God’s mind; my dreams are designed to make God shine.     My dreams are intended to bless the land; my dreams are created to meet God’s plan.    I am a dreamer with desire to live out God’s aim; and to fulfill the purpose of my God given name.    My dreams are of the nature that shall out live me; the dreams that God has given are beyond what I see.

I dream and I taste of God’s love and kindness; I am a dreamer and I’m fortunate to be blessed.    My dreams stretch far and are plentiful and wide; I must admit, sometimes I want to hide.    My dreams stay awake never to sleep; the dreams are a part of me and for my keep.    I dream and I know that I must make a move, to fulfill the dreams that are God approved.  

I desire to live every dream through and through; but sometimes as a dreamer I don’t know what to do.    I embrace each dream that seeks to arise; knowing that they are God’s precious prize.    I’m driven by the dreams that God has proposed; every day I seek to understand what God shall disclose.   No rest for the dreamer until the dreams unfold; every dream that God gives to me, I aim to take hold.    Resting inside of my dream-mind are visions meant for a specific time.    I dream by day and I dream by night, trying to reach God’s dream-height.   Passion fills my dream-heart so strong; and my dream list becomes very long.

My heart embraces encouraging words that speak so soft and sweet;

[[  One day the dreams God has given, you shall meet.    Hold on to what you heard, don’t focus on doubt and fear; dreams God has given are near.   Keep the dreams close to your purest heart; your Father shall  finish what he did start.   

Sometimes the winds of life shall be gusty and brisk;

but remember, take hold of this.    

Your Heavenly Father is lifting you unlimitedly high; It’s okay if sometimes you have to cry.    You are built to withstand life’s harsh storms;  You’ll come out of everyone with minimal harm.    The dreamer has pain sometimes; but God will keep you in a stable heart and mind.    Trust in the Lord with all your might; God is working everything out during your night.   Day and night are significant parts of God’s plan; but through it all, you shall victoriously stand. ]]  

Everytime I hear the Lord encourage me, it reminds me of how great I am in thee.   So I go about my days dreaming the things that my Life must do; and I seek to meet each season where my dreams come true.

Pray to God for strength to hold on to your dreams.

I hope that every dreamer will never lose dream-sight and hold on to every dream with faith in God’s power and might. 

Darlene Wiggins

Dream A Dream

Beautiful Sunrise and Rainbow In The Morning

God gives dreams, a gift so precious to receive. Many times we give them back by giving up.

Dreams Are A Treasure

Dream a dream and it can surely come true; because dreams come from the Creator with something specific for you to do.   A dream from God is a treasure of a large amount; the treasures wrapped inside are too enormous for you to count.    Dreams from God are designed to be of a large degree; remember who the dream giver is,  God Almighty.

God plants dreams inside your heart, rejoice, let gladness shine;  then follow His lead to accomplish His dream plan for your time.   When you are blessed to see a dream meant for your days; respond quickly, and give God honor and praise.   Move with God into a place you have never been before; and let His power guide you on an extraordinary tour.  God will make large and small things become more and much; He transforms ordinary things with His divine touch.   

Your life is here and you have many things to share; your dreams will be a blessing to someone somewhere.   Living a dream that God gave you is a huge deed; but remember,  God gave you the dream because there is a need. If you have a dream, a vision, or something great to share; noone will benefit from it, if you don’t put it out there.

Dream a dream and it can surely come true; because dreams come from the Creator with something specific for you to do.

 Darlene Wiggins